Do More Of What You Love
Do More Of What You Love
Do More Of What You Love
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Do More Of What You Love

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Quit. Doing. What. Makes. Other. People. Happy.

Do what YOU love, do the things that will bring YOU the life YOU want to create. 

People pleasing sucks the life out of you.  Do more of what YOU love in the pages of this Paperback Journal®.

This journal has a matte finish on the cover.

Paperback Journal®

All Paperback Journals® are 6x9”, full color matte or glossy covers with 120 pages of 70# soft white dot grid paper.  The dots are a lovely mid tone gray and almost invisibly form a perfect 1/4” grid.  Write perfect straight sentences with the look of blank paper.  The grid is amazing for placing stickers, doodles and drawing. 

Paperback Journals® are perfect for use as daily, subject, bullet and event journals.  The go with every outfit and are an instant conversation piece.  They blend in so well on a bookshelf that no one will ever suspect that the innocent looking paperback holds all your secrets.  PBJ’s (that’s Paperback Journals® for shorts) travel everywhere, especially in our matching totes or tucked inside your planner.  


Paperback Journal® of the Month Club

If you are an avid journaler, or you just like to collect our cool PBJ’s, jump over to our Journal Junkie page.  For just $15 you get a surprise box with an exclusive journal available only to Journal Junkie members with extra goodies (they are ahhhmazing journal accessories we've curated from around the world) and a fresh set of journal prompts right to your door each and every month!  Grab this for yourself or gift a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription to the journal junkie in your life.

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