Subject Journal: 20 Ideas for Focused Journaling

What is a subject journal?

A journal limited to a particular subject. Common forms of subject journals include: gratitude/thankfulness, mindfulness, meditation, events (weddings, graduation, etc) travel, fitness, health, weight loss, finances/budget, business, projects, food and relationships. Subject journals can be used together with a daily journal or in place of one for a period of time.

Is it ok to have more than one journal?

I'm almost embarrassed to tell you this, but I have over a dozen journals I write in regularly. Why, you ask? Because I have over a dozen areas that I'm focused on growing and expanding right now. I don't write in all of them every day, but they are all easily accessible to me when I need them. Here's a quick rundown of the main ones and how I use them:
  1. My daily journal---this is my main journal. I write each morning as a part of my morning routine.
  2. Home & Family journal---a subject journal I start each year that has planning for holidays, vacations, kid's sports & activities. I record memories, tape in movie tickets, print out pics of my kiddos playing sports and tape them in along with the highlights of the games. These journals are a treasure and I will pass them on to my kids/grandchildren.
  3. Health & Food journal---I have an autoimmune condition that requires a considerable amount of meal planning if I want to stay in remission. I plan out each week's meals, shopping and preps. I jot down new yoga ideas, hikes I want to go on and progress I'm making toward my goals.
  4. House Building journal---this is a great example of a journal that is used for a period of time in addition to a daily journal. We are currently building a new home. We are building it almost entirely ourselves and this journal has been an indispensable way to keep track of everything and to record the precious memories of the building experience as a family. This is another journal that I will pass on to my descendants.
  5. Boss Babe journal---I run several businesses, in addition to working full time, and that requires a lot of planning and remembering! I have a journal for each of the businesses that I work on. I plan blog posts, record ideas for products and services, sketch designs and I use about 50 different gel pens to color code everything. I fill these journals up pretty quickly and I keep them for future reference.
  6. Dream journal---one of my goals for this year was to pay closer attention to my dreams. I keep a cute journal on my nightstand to write down any details from my dreams. I love to look back through it and it's been super helpful in making connections from my subconscious to conscious life.
  7. Spiritual journal---my most private and personal journal. I keep this journal hidden and safe. I write down all the questions, confusion, connections and soul shattering struggles that are too personal to share with anyone but my guides and Creator. I pray for others, myself and our world. I celebrate the answers, even when they aren't what I wanted to hear. Sometimes I keep these and others I burn after I've filled them.
Having more than one journal is perfectly fine. Journaling with a focus and a specific goal in mind can speed up your process of getting from where you are to where you want to be.

Types of Subject Journals

Here is a very incomplete list of subject journal ideas. If you have an area of your life, business, relationships or spiritual path that you want to improve or expand on then keeping a focused journal can shorten the length of that journey tremendously.
  1. Paleo or specialty eating
  2. Holiday planning
  3. Fantasy
  4. Fitness or workout
  5. Hypnosis
  6. Journey work
  7. Meditation
  8. Traditions and rituals
  9. Wedding
  10. Reunion
  11. Anniversaries
  12. Birthdays
  13. Career
  14. Education
  15. Hobby
  16. Sports
  17. Marriage
  18. Parenting
  19. Psychic
  20. Hand-lettering/drawing

Make a quick list!

What kind of focused work do you want or need to do in your life? Grab a paperback journal and get to work.

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